WELCOME TO ADWIA Pharmaceuticals

Welcome to ADWIA Pharmaceuticals, an embodiment of innovation and care since its establishment in 1984. With an unwavering commitment, we have been at the forefront of elevating healthcare standards in Egypt and beyond, propelling positive transformations within our local community and beyond.


ADWIA prioritizes delivering the highest quality standards, adhering to GMP, GLP, GSP, EDA, WHO, and ISO regulations. Our Quality Assurance Department ensures meticulous documentation, emphasizing environmental health and safety. Supported by robust management, our system guarantees consistent adherence to stringent quality prerequisites.

Therapeutic Category

At ADWIA, we offer a diverse suite of generics across cardiology, orthopedics, urology, men’s health, gastroenterology, infection control, and more, striving for excellence in patient treatment outcomes and pharmaceutical care.

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