Production Lines


    ADWIA uses its proprietary platform to develop diverse pharmaceutical products. The Company’s technology platform is based on a portfolio of drug delivery patents. In ADWIA Pharmaceuticals, we are committed to vigorously pursuing active and sustainable development across our production activities and will continue to integrate the best practices in safety, health and environmental protection into our production and packaging process facilities where we currently develop over 140 products and counting. We will also apply the same considerations to the construction of new facilities and future renovation of existing ones. We are building sustainable assets for our business. We believe that packaging has a critical role to play in our product development process. Packaging protects products by helping prevent waste, reduce environmental hazards and avoid economic loss. Our ADWIA Warehouse Management System coordinates material flow using a data base driven computer program after passing the fully equipped sampling room where materials are accurately examined, then tracked improving warehouse efficiency and maintaining accurate inventory by recording warehouse transactions. Our system also coordinates the cranes and forklifts for moving materials which are placed onto ISO standard pallets and loaded into pallet racks

Pdoduction lines