Our decision making process is led by our values. These values are more than just a moral compass. They are a recipe for our business success. This adherence to an ethical base was one of the achievements of Adwia founder and chairman, Mr. Hossam Taher who built our core values around meeting the needs of the people we serve and improving their quality of life by providing them with the best medical products at affordable prices. He is a great advocate of corporate social responsibility and of our policy to hire a qualified workforce, able to maximize their productivity and meet the needs of our clients. We believe that our values represent a roadmap for our long-term growth and the master plan for its sustainability. We intend to become one of the most productive R&D organizations in the healthcare sector by focusing on patients’ needs and by offering them the highest quality products at affordable prices. To accomplish this, we established a pioneering and compelling organization, built a corporate culture of quality and developed a clear strategy for our workforce. We are achieving real growth in diversifying markets. ADWIA Pharmaceuticals has a history of maximizing available opportunities and building upon them. We will not only continue to expand our pharmaceutical business, but we will also meet future global healthcare challenges with more extensive offerings, which are more affordable and accessible to the diversity of patients in the local, regional, and international markets. Applying new technologies and opening new channels of research to introduce branded generics, vaccines, and over the counter drugs. This requires our teams to move out of the classical pharmaceutical mindset and into an innovative unconventional one.

Adwia Pharmaceuticals