XYLA- JECT . (Injection)


Xylazine 2 gm

1. Xyla-Ject is a sedative, analgesic, pre-anaesthetic an muscle relaxant used for handling fractured animals especially during transportation.
2. A potent an alpha2-adrenergic agonist used for its sedative and analgesic in a variety of species.

-Medical examination of teats, testis, penis, oral cavity and removal of bandages.
-Animals transportation.
-Calm of excited or aggressive animals.
-Hoof & Claw examination, horses shoeing.
-Before surgical operations.
-The duration of sedation depending on dosage and it rests not less than 30 minutes.
-All kinds of painful processes such as teat injuries, dehorning, fitting of nose rings and castration.
-With the I.V.I. the maximum effect is reached immediately and with I.M.I. approximately 20 to 25 minutes post injection.
-The duration depending on dosage, cattle up to 45 minutes, horses, and small animals 15-30 minutes
For minor superficial operations and local anesthesia
Back racking during vaginal and uterine examination and hindquarters examination.
The duration of Pre-anesthetic effect 60 minutes.
Muscle relaxant:
During surgery to reduce pain & avoid shock incidence in case of Tetanus.
The duration depending on dosage 20-90 minutes.

Dosage Administration:
Cattle & Pigs: by I.M.I.
According to the degree of sedation required as follow:
1st Dose: 1 ml / 400 kg B.wt.
Sedation with slight muscle relaxation, the animal is able to stand (suitable for minor surgery).
2nd Dose: 1 ml / 200 kg B.wt.
sedation with marked increase of mucle relaxation, and some analgesia, the animal may lie down (suitable for minor surgery)
3rd Dose: 1 ml / 100 kg B.wt.
Deep sedation, prolonged muscle relaxation, and a useful degree of analgesia, the animal lies down (suitable for minor surgery).
4th Dose: 1.5 ml / 100 kg B.WT.
very deep sedation, a profound decrease of muscle ton, and a useful degree of analgesia the animal lies down (suitable for very painful and major surgery).
The animal should be fastened for several hours previously.
Buffaloes: by I.M.I. with slight reduction of doses.
Camels: by I.M.I.
For secdation 1.25 ml / 100 kg B.wt. has a very good sedative effect with excellent muscle relaxation and analgesia for a short period.
Horses: by I.M.I.
3-5 ml / 100 kg B.wt. according to the degree of sedation required.
Cats: by I.M.I.
0.15 ml / kg B.wt. pre-medication with Atropine is desirable.
By I.M.I. 0.05-0.15 ml / 1 kg B.wt.
After I.V.I. the effect is obtained within 5 minutes and after I.M.I. within 15 minutes.

Sign of anesthesia:
Lowering of the head, closing of the upper eyelids, dropping of the lower lip, reducing the ear movements, salivation, and protrusion of the tongue and in the horse by partial protrusion of the penis.

Precautions Warnings:
Not to be used in the late stage of pregnancy except at parturition.
Caution is required when pulmonary disease is present or suspected.
Do not use in case of obstruction of esophagus, intestinal torsion or hernia.
In cats and dogs dosing on a full stomach often cause vomiting.
Use two sterile needless, one for the bottle and the other for the animal.
In case of accidental overdose respiratory failure may occurs so cold water douches and artificial respiration are indicated.
Fasting the animals for 6-24 hours, I.V.I in cats and dogs is preferable.
Sedated animals should remain under observation until walking up.

Withdrawal time:
Meat: 14 days.
Milk: Should not be used in cattle producing milk for human consumption
Should not be used in horses intended for human consumption.

50 ml & 100 ml vials