ADWIFOS . (Water soluble powder)

Each 100 gm contains:
Calcium Fosfomycin 25 gm
Fructose 1,6 Diphosphate 18 gm
Vitamin E 6 gm
Anhydrous Trisodium phosphate 12 gm
Anhydrous Magnesium sulphate 8 gm
Potassium chloride 9.6 gm
Magnesium Carbonate 1.6 gm
Sodium chloride 4 gm
Sodium carbonate 7.6 gm

Fosfomycin is a broad spectrum antibiotic characterized by its bactericidal action on both gram + ve and gram - ve bacteria including some strains which not sensitive to other antibiotic.

Adwifos is indicated for the control and treatment of infectious bacterial diseases of the digestive, respiratory and urinary systems in poultry and animals such as Colibacillosis, E-coli granuloma, Salmonellosis (Tifosis & Pullorosis), Omphalitis, Fowl Cholera, Infectious Coryza, Dysentery & Diarrhoea, listeriosis as well as Streptococcus ,Staphylococcus Fusobacterium & Yarsinia infections and most other infectious diseases in Chicken, Turkey, Calves & Lambs.

Dosage Administration:
Chicken, Turkey, Calves & Lambs:
160 mg / kg B.wt. daily in drinking water or feed for 3-5 days.

Precautions Warnings:
60% of the daily water consumption (ambient temperature of 18°C - 22°C) should be used as medicated water.

Withdrawal time:
3 days


250 gm & 1 kg