SPECTO – L .  (Powder)


Each 150 gm contains:
Lincomycin base 33.3 gm Spectinomycin base 66.7 gm

Specto-L is a broad spectrum antibacterial and antimycoplasmal used for the treatment and prevention of respiratory diseases C.R.D. & C.R.D. complex, fowl cholera and staphyloccal infection as well as arizona infection and air sacculitis in Turkey & Poultry.

Dosage Administration:
For prevention of C.R.D. & C.R.D. complex:
Average B.wt.of life bird ×0.225 gm /day during the first 3 - 5 days of life.
Average B.wt.of life bird ×0.075 gm /day for
1 - 2 days at about 4 weeks old of age or at time of vaccination.
For prevention of Air Saculitis:
Average B.wt.of life bird × 0.225 gm / day during the first 3 - 5 days of life.

Precautions Warnings:

- Not to be used with Kaolin as it reduces the absorption of Lincomycin.
-The medicated water should be used within 24 hours as a sole source of drinking

Withd rawaltime:
7 days

150 gm