Wincef.(Sterile powder for injection)


Wincef 1gm: Vial containing 1gm Cefipime HCl as sterile powder for injection.
Wincef 0.5gm: Vial containing 0.5gm Cefipime HCl as sterile powder for injection.

Cefepime Hcl is a semi synthetic ,broad spectrum cephalosporin for parental administration.
It is a 4th generation Cephalosporine, that works by the inhibition of cell wall synthesis of bacteria.
Elimination is via renal excretion, urinary recovery of unchanged Wincef account approximately 85% of the administrated dose .

Moderate to severe pneumonia , Empiric therapy for febrile neutropenic patients, Uncomplicated & Complicated urinary tract infections , Uncomplicated skin & skin structure infections, Complicated intra abdominal infections .

Dosage Administration:
Mild to moderate infections: 1/2 to 1 gm / 12 h
Severe infections: 2 gm / 12 h
Pediatric (2 months up to 16 years):
50mg/ kg / dose each 12 h.

Contra Indications:
Patients who have shown immediate hypersensitivity reactions to penicillins or cephalosporins .

Precautions Warnings:
History of colitis, impaired renal function with creatinin clearance < 60 ml/ min . prothrombin time should be monitored in renal & hepatic patients .
Stop the drug immediately if severe allergic reaction or severe diarrhea have been developed .
There are no well controlled studies in pregnant or lactating women.

Side Effects:
Local reaction , phlebitis , colitis , pruritis , urticaria , anaphylactic shock in rare cases.

Wincef 1gm: Box containing 1 vial with 1 gm cefepime + 2 ampoules solvent 5 ml.
Wincef 0.5gm: Box containing 1 vial with 0.5gm cefepime + 1 ampoule solvent 5 ml.