GENTAMYCIN 5% Injection

For Vet. Use


Each 100 ml contains: Gentamycin sulphate: 6.025 gm (Eq. to gentamycin 5 gm)



In Chicken & Turkeys:

It is indicated for the treatment of CRD, Colibacillosis, Omphalitis, Salmonellosis, Arthritis, Salpingitis, Staphyloccocal infection and very active against most other gram+ ve and gram-ve bacteria.
Cattle, Horses, Pigs, Dogs & Cats:
It is used for the treatment of uterine infections (Metritis), urinary tract infections (Cystitis & Nephritis), respiratory tract infections (Pneumonia & Tracheobronchitis), gastroenteritis and soft tissue infections and wounds.

Dosage Administration:
Cattle, Horses & Pigs :5 ml / 100 kg B.wt.
Dogs & Cats : 0.5 ml / 10 kg B.wt.
In both cases, the recommended dose is given daily by I.M. or S.C.I for 3 - 5 days
One day old chicks and turkey: Dilute 1 ml of the product with 100 ml of sterile
One day old chicks: 0.2 ml by S.C.I. in the neck.
Turkey: 1ml by S.C.I. in the neck.
For treatment of Metritis
Cattle: 2 ml diluted to 20 ml with normal saline.
Mares:5ml diluted to 200 ml with normal saline

Precautions Warnings:
-not used in animals producing milk
-not used in layers
- not used in dogs,cats& equine

Withdrawal time:
Not to be used for food producing animals.

25 ml - 100 ml