Each ONE LITER contain:
Deltmethrin 15 gm
Tetramethrin 10 gm
Piperonyl Butoxide 60 gm

Insecticides contain a balanced combination of pyrethroid insecticide, the synergist piperonlyl butoxide in an organic solvent. Applied as a thermal fog and ultra low volume (ULV)

for control houseflies and mosquitoes.

Dosage Administration:
For control of mosquitoes and houseflies outdoor
A. Fogging: Dilute one part of insecticide to 750 parts of kerosene. Apply diluted insecticide at the rate of 5 liters/1000 sg. m.
B. ULV: Dilute one part of insecticide to 200 parts of kerosene. Apply diluted insecticide at the rate of 0.25 liter/1000 sq. m.
For the best results against mosquitoes should be used at the time at which insects are most active at dusk. Against houseflies the insecticide should be sprayed in the early morning before thermal currents are strong.

Precautions Warnings:
Avoid contact with skin and eyes during preparation. Smoking, eating or drinking during application is not allowed. Cover the mouth and nose during spray. Wash hands and face thoroughly after use.
Toxic for bees, fishes and poultry. Heat and close tightly, away from children, animals and food. Disposal empty containers completely rinse with water several times and disposal of it after puncturing. Store in well ventilated cool place away from sunlight
First Aids:
If insecticide is swallowed not let the person vomit. Take the person to a doctor at once. If product is split on skin, wash immediately with water and soap. If the product is splashed in yes, wash them under warm running water for 10-15 minutes.
Medical Treatment
Perform gastric cleavage taken care to prevent aspiration of gastric content, treat symptomatically.

1000 ml