(Emulsifiable Concentrate)


Each 100 ml contain:
Diazinon 60 ml

Diazinon is an organophosphorous compound very effective for the control of ecto Parasites (mange, mites, ticks, lice, biting flies & blow flies) in cattle, buffaloes, camels, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, mules and animals & poultry houses.

Dosage Administration:
Duration and number of applications depend on the type of parasite and degree of infesteation .
1- Spray :
Repeat the treatment every 2 weeks till animal is completely free from parasites.
1ml Diazinion 60 in 1 lit. of water(1/1000)
2 – Dipping :
Initial : 420 ml Diazinon 60/1000lit. of water 1/2400)
Replenishment : 250 ml Diazinon 60/200 lit. water (1/800)
Cattle :
Initial : 1 ml Diazinon 60/1 lit. of water (1/1000)
Replenishment : 2.5ml Dizinon 60/1 Lit water (1/400)
3 – Animal houses(spray):
40 ml Diazinon 60 /1 lit. of water for 20 m2

Precautions Warnings:
Inflammable and Toxic
For Human
Avoid contact with skin and eyes during preparation or application.
Smoking, eating or drinking are not allowed during application.
Cover the mouth and nose during spraying do not spray against the wind.
Wash hands and face thoroughly after use.
If the product or one of diluted forms come in contact with skin and eyes, immediately you have to :
Remove and launder contaminated clothed wash the skin thoroughly.
Flush eyes with plenty of water.
For Animals:
Should not be applied to weak, exhausted, late pregnant or thirsty animals.
Not to be applied for poultry, cats, fish and bees.
Sheared sheep must not be treated before elapsing of 2 weeks.
Animals must be completely immersed at least once.
Do not expose the animals to excessive stress before, during or after treatment.
Remove the remaining feed from the mangers before spraying and clean the mangers from the insecticide after spraying .
In case of intoxication symptoms, injection of atropine sulphate 1%S/C is recommended as antidote.
Dose 1mg/kg B.wt

Withd rawaltime:
Meat 2 weeks
Milk 3 days
It is inflammable, so store in well ventilated cool place away from heat.
Close the container tightly after use.
Keep away from children, animals and food.
Disposal :
Away from feed or water sources rinse the empty containers with water several times then destroy them before disposal.

250 & 1000 ml