Malathion ADWIA Oily 26/2.6 SC .


Each ONE LITER contain:
Malathion 260 gm
Tetramethrin 26 gm

Malathion ADWIA lily is a general purpose insecticide contains a balanced combination of organophosphorous and pyrethroid insecticides.

For control of flies and mosquitoes.

Dosage Administration:
A. Ultra low volume (ULV) diluted one part of insecticides with 250 parts of kerosene. Apply at the rate of 0.25 liter/1000 sq. m.
B. Thermal fogging application: Diluted one part of insecticide with 250 parts of kerosene. Apply at the rate of 5 liters/1000 sq. m.

Precautions Warnings:
Avoid contact with skin and eyes during preparation.
Smoking, eating or drinking during application is not allowed. Cover the mouth and nose during spray wash hands and face thoroughly after use.
Toxic for bees, fishes and poultry. Store in well ventilated cool place away from heat and close tightly, away from children, animals and food.
Disposal of empty containers completely rinse with water several times and disposal of it after puncturing

1000 ML