Deltasect .
(Emulsifiable Concentrate)


Each 1000 ML contain:
Deltamethrin 150 MG

Deltasect is a highly effective ready to use pyrethroid insecticide against cockroaches particularly (he German cockroaches, ants and other crawling insects.
Deltasect is water - base ready to use, does not contain any harm solvents for health or environment, Effective for more than 28 days.

Dosage Administration:
Fill a hand sprayer with liquid and spray very well in and around all the places where insects are found especially around the drains and sewers.

Precautions Warnings:
Wash hands with soap and water after use.
Keep away from reach of children.
First aids:
If insecticide is swallowed not let the person vomit
Take the person to a doctor at once. If product is split on skin wash immediately with water and soap . If product is splashed in eyes, wash them under
warm running water for 10-15 minutes
Medical Treatment:
Perform gastric lavage taking care to prevent aspiration of gastric content. Treat symptomatically.

1000 ml