An insecticide powder used for the treatment of skin parasitic infestation (Migrating and skin larvae of hypoderma bovis, mange mites ,lice ,flies, fleas in Horses, Cattles, Sheep, Goats & (Avian mites (red or scaly leg mites), Fowl Ticks ,Lice , Fleas & Flies) in Poultry

Dosage Administration:
The aqueous solution of Metriphonate should be prepared freshly by dissolving in warm water not over 40 0 c.
To prepare 0.15% solution:
Dissolve 15 gm of the powder in 10 liters water.
To prepare 2% solution:
Dissolve 60 gm of the powder in 3 liters water.

Cattle & Pigs:
Spray : 0.15% solution for animals and stables repeat every 7 - 10 days.
Dipping: 2% solution, repeat after 5 days
Sheep & Goats:
Spray or dip: 0.15%solution ,repeat after 5 days.
Spray: 0.15 % solution, repeat after 5 days.
Spray: 0.15 % solution, spray fowl houses after cleaning and covering food and water
25 ml / chicken or 1 lit / 6 m2 ground area.

Precautions Warnings:
Avoid contact of skin with the product or the solution.
Do not smoke, eat or drink during application.
Do not spray against wind.
Harmful for cats and bees.
Atropine sulphate 1% I.M. inj.
Human: 0.2 ml
Cattle & pigs: 8-10 ml
Horses: 3-8 ml
Calves, Sheep , Dogs & Foals:
2-5 ml repeat after 15 minutes if necessary.

Disposal of containers:

Away from feed or water sources, rinse the empty containers with water several times then destroy before disposal.
Storage should be away from animals in a separate store away from food and water sources.

Feeders and drinkers should be cleaned before use.
Do not apply to exhausted, sick or thirsty animals or birds.

Withd rawaltime:
Meat 14 days
Milk 3 days

250 gm - 1 kg