Incont . (Tablets)


Each tablet contains 4mg tolterodine tartarate.

Incont (tolterodine) is a muscarinic receptor antagonist.

Incont tablets are indicated for the treatment of overactive bladder with symptoms of urge urinary incontinence, urgency and frequency.

Dosage Administration:
The recommended dose is 2mg twice daily, which is administered as half Incont tablet twice daily.

Contra Indications:
Incont tablets are contraindicated in patients with urinary retention, gastric retention and uncontrolled narrow angle glaucoma.
Incont is also contraindicated in patients who have demonstrated hypersensitivity to the drug or its ingredients.

Precautions Warnings:
Incont should be administrated with caution to patients with reduced hepatic and renal function.
Incont should be used with caution in patients being controlled on treated for narrow angle glaucoma.

Side Effects:
Incont, being antimuscarinic agent may cause dry mouth, headache, constipation, vertigo and dizziness.

Box of 3 blisters (each contains 10 scored tablets).