Profenazone . (Capsules)


Each capsule contains:
Ibuprofen 200 mg.
Chlorzoxazone 250 mg.

Profenazone combines the actions of Chlorzoxazone: centrally acting muscle relaxant through inhibition of multi-synaptic reflex arcs at the sub-cortical areas which is responsible for muscle spasm.
Ibuprofen: NSAID acting through inhibition of cyclo-oxygenase enzyme with potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic actions.
Relive of muscle spasm and pain through their synergistic action.

Profenazone exerts a fast pain relief and restoration of mobility in cases associated with severe and painful skeletal muscle spasms due to different etiologies e.g. trauma and inflammatory conditions.

Dosage Administration:
Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician 1 to 2 capsules to be taken three times daily after meals.

Contra Indications:
- Profenazone is contraindicated in patients with known intolerance to any of its two active ingredients or to aspirin.
- The concomitant use of either alcohol or CNS depressants may have an additive effect. Should be used during pregnancy & lactation under medical supervision.

Side Effects:
- Profenazone may rarely develop
1- G.I disturbances e.g. epigastric pain, heartburn & nausea.
2- CNS: dizziness & headache.
3- Dermatologic: rash & purities.

Box contains 2 strips each strip contains of 10 capsules.