CO –TRIMAZINE . (Tablets)


Each bolus contains:
Trimethoprim 200 mg
Sulphadiazine 1000 mg

It is effective against most gram + ve &
gram -ve microorganisms including E.coli,
klebsiella spp., shigella, pasteurella spp, salmonella spp,. and staphylococcus spp.
For the treatment and prevention of scour ,acute salmonellosis and bacterial pneumonia in calves, lambs kids, foals & pigs.
For the treatment and prevention of post- parturient infections including metritis and vaginitis as intra-uterine.

Dosage Administration:
For oral use.
Calves, lambs, foals & pigs:
1bolus / 40 kgB.wt. /day.
The treatment should be repeated daily for 2 days after the symptoms have resolved.
For salmonellosis & bacterial pneumonia:
The treatment should be continued for 5 days.
Intrauterine use:
Cattle, camels & mare:-
2-4 boluses /day. Ewes:1-2 boluses / day.

Withd rawaltime:
Meat & Milk 10 days

10 boluses