OXYTOCIN . (Injection)


Each 1 ml contains: Oxytocin: 10 I.U.

1. Oxytocin is a hormone; influence the contraction of uterine musculature at the time of parturition, and few days after parturition.
2. Oxytocin facilitates parturition process, expulsion of fetus and placenta also helps in uterine involution.
3. Oxytocin helps the udder musculature to contract and letdown of milk.

Oxytocin used in the following cases:
1. Primary and secondary uterine inertia.
2. Acceleration of normal parturition.
3. Prolapse of uterus.
4. Metritis.
5. Hemorrhage of uterus.
6. Retention of Placenta.
7. Prophylactic of puerperal fever.
8. To initiate lactation.
9. Mastitis: to allow complete evacuation of residual milk before chemotherapeutic agent.

Dosage Administration:
For I.M., S.C. or slow I.V.I.
Mare , She donkey & Cow: 1-5 ml
Ewe & Goat: 0.2-1 ml
Bitch & Cats: 0.1-0.5 ml
Half the dose by slowly I.V.I.
If necessary, repeat after 2-4 hours intervals.
In case of milk letdown after parturition double dose is recommended.

Withdrawal time:
2 days

50 ml