PHOXIMO-50 . (Emulsifiable Concentrate)


Each liter contains:
Phoxim 500 gm

For control of ectoparasites.
Mange mites, all species of ticks, biting and
sucking lice.
Fleas and fly larvae in wounds

Dosage Administration:
Prepare the emulsion before each treatment.
The entire body of the animal must be
thoroughly wetted, particularly the regions
around the ears, between legs, udder and
under the tail.
For sheep dipping the head must be immersed
twice during dipping.
Before spray or wash, mange scabs and crust
should be removed by using comb.
The second treatment is 7- 14 days after the first
one to kill the larvae which have hatched from
the eggs.
Cattle, buffaloes, camels, horses, rabbits, dogs
& pigs:
Spray and wash: 20 ml /20 lit water
In severe mange infestation: 20 ml /10 lit water
Sheep & goats:
Spray and wash : 10 ml /20 lit water
In severe infestation : 10 ml /10 lit water

Precautions Warnings:
Avoid contact to eyes and skin.
Not allow to eat, drink or smoke during handling
the product.
Do not spray against the wind.
All equipments must be thoroughly cleaned after
It is harmful for poultry, fish and ants.
Not to be used in cats.
Antidote is Atropine sulphate
In case of intoxication symptoms inject Atropine
sulphate 1% S .C. as antidote.

Withd rawaltime:
Meat: 3 weeks
Milk: 3 days

250 ml
one liter