SCOPYRONE . (Injection)

Each 1 ml contains:
Hyoscine-N-Butylbromide (Scopolamine N-Butyl Bromide): 4 mg
Dipyrone (metamizole): 500 mg

Hyoscine-N-Butylbromide is a quaternary ammonium derivative of scopolamine. Like other belladonna alkaloid derivatives is a spasmolytic agent with particular activity on the smooth muscle of the digestive and urinary systems. It antagonises the actions of acetylcholine at the muscarinic receptor and also has some activity at nicotinic receptors.
Dipyrone (Metamizole) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug of the pyrazolone group and also has analgesic and anti-pyretic effects. Dipyrone, like other NSAIDs, is probably associated with an inhibitory effect on prostaglandin synthesis. Furthermore, it antagonises the effects of bradykinin and histamine.

It is indicated for gastrointestinal spasm and urogenital spasm in Cattle, horses and dogs.

Dosage Administration:
Horses: 5 ml /100 kg body weight by IV injection only
Adult Cattle: 5 ml /100 kg body weight by IV or IM injection
Calves: 5 ml /50 kg body weight by IV or IM injection
Dogs: 0.1 ml /kg body weight by IV or IM injection

Precautions Warnings:
Care with concurrent administration of other anti-cholinergic or analgesic drugs.
Operators that are sensitive to pyrazolones or asprin should avoid handling the product.

Withdrawal time:
Animals should not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment.
- 9 days after I.V. injection,
- 28 days after I.M. injection.
Not to be used in cows producing milk for human consumption.

25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml & 250 ml vials