PHENYLO-JECT . (Injection)


Each 100 ml contains:
Phenylbutazone: 20 gm

Phenylbutazone is non - steroidal anti -inflammatory,analgesic and antipyretic agent.
It reliefs the inflammatory conditions associated with muscloskeletal disorders.

All types of arthritis, rheumatism, rheumatoid, bursitis, myositis, tendinitis, tendo-vaginitis, neuritis, painful injury like luxation, sprain, muscle damage and in combination with antibiotic for treatment of enzootic pneumonia and mastitis.
In horses, cattle, camels, sheep, goats, dogs & cats

Dosage Administration:
Horses: 10 ml / 450 kg B.wt.
Foals & Calves: 6 -10 ml / animal
Cattle, Camels & Pigs: 2.5 ml / 100 kg B.wt.
Sheep & Goats: 1 ml / 10 kg B.wt.
Dogs: 1 ml / 15 kg B.wt.
Cats: 0.3 ml / animal

Precautions Warnings:
Inject in all animals by slowly I.V. or deep I.M. except in Equine by slowly I.V. only.
Not more than 5 days in acute cases.
Not to be used in animals with history of drug allergy,cardiac and renal affections and oedema and ulceration of gastrointestinal tract.

Withdrawal time:
Meat: 12 days
Milk: 4 days

25 ml
100 ml