BUTAJECT . (Injection)


Each 1 ml contains: Buparvaquone: 50 mg

- Butaject is indicated for the treatment of theileriosis (East Coast fever, Corridor disease, Tropical theileriosis etc.) in Cattle caused by Theileria annulata and T. orientalis (sergenti).
- It is active against both the schizont and piroplasm stages of Theileria and may be used in the incubation period of the disease, or when clinical signs are apparent.

Dosage Administration:
It is administered by I.M. injection.
Cattle: A single injection of 1 ml Butaject /20 kg B.Wt. is usually sufficient.
In severe cases a further treatment with Butaject, at the same dose rate of 1 ml per 20 kg bodyweight, may be given within 48-72 hours of the initial injection.

Precautions Warnings:
 It must be not given by I.V or S.C. injection.
 Localized painless edematous swelling may occasionally be seen at the injection site.
 Theileriosis causes immune suppression so any vaccination is better to be delayed until the animal has recovered.

Withd rawaltime:
Milk: 2 days.
Meat: 42 days.

20 ml, and 40 ml vials