EQUIFEBA . (Paste for Equine)


Each Syringe contains: Febantel: 3 gm

Febantel in horses is apparently readily absorbed from the G.I.T. & rapidly metabolized to Fenbendazole & Oxybendazole reach maximum plasma level after 5 hours.
Febantel is well tolerated with safety margin in excess 40 times than the recommended dose.

Used for control of Gastro-intestinal roundworms including their larvae in Equine.
Large Strongylus: (S. edentatus, S. vulgaris & S. Equinus)
Small strongylus:(S. craterostomum, S. Cyathostomum & S. cylicocercuc & S. triodontophorus)
Parascaris equorum.
Dictyocaulus arnifildi

Dosage Administration:
The paste is given by oral route.
Horses, foals, ponies, and donkeys:
6 mg / 1 kg B.wt. repeat after 6 - 8 weeks if
reinfection occurs.
This syringe contains sufficient paste treats one horse of 500 kg B.wt.
One syringe division treats 100 kg B.wt.
Turn the screw of the injector to obtain the requested dose, insert paste at the back of tongue.
Immediately raise the horses head for a few seconds.

Precautions Warnings:
Drug interaction is not reported.
Make sure that the animals month does not contain food
Fasting animal is not required.
Not used for pregnant mares.
Insure safe disposal of empty containers.
Do not smoke or eat during handling the product.
Wash hands after use.

Syringe 40 gm