CLABENZOLE 10% . (Suspension)


Each 100 ml contains: Triclabendazole: 10 gm

It is effective against all stages of Fasciola hepatica (immature & mature) in cattle & sheep.

Dosage Administration:
Administered with drenching or dosing guns.

Cattle: 1 ml / 8 kg B.wt.
Sheep: 1 ml /10 kg B.wt.

The dose must be repeated after 6 weeks.

For prevention:
In infested pasture with liver flukes, all animals
must be drenched regularly every 8 weeks in the
season of infestation.

Precautions Warnings:
- No adverse reactions observed.
- It is safe up to 20 times than the recommended dose.
- It is safe even for young, pregnant & stressed
- All new animals must be treated before joining
the main herd.
- Shake well before use.

Withd rawaltime:
Meat: 28 days
Milk: should not be given to animals providing milk for human consumption.

125 ml, 250 ml & one liter